War Thunder Updates Rolling Out While Capturing Swedish Hearts


Gaijin Entertainment finally announced that the major content update, Direct Hit, is available now. The update has a bunch of new features, such as Nvidia’s DLSS 2.2 support, updated 3D models and textures, and new birds such as the Soviet attack jet MiG-27M, Swedish interceptor JA37C Jaktviggen and more!

JA37C Jaktviggen is a fighter-interceptor from a Viggen family of jets that were supplied for service in the 80s and became a “calling card” of the Royal Swedish Air Force. The fighter’s particularly unusual airframe design, efficient flaps, and air brakes allow it to make quick turns with very good roll speed. The fighter is also equipped with air-to-air missiles, including the completely new RB71 with radar guidance, a huge launch range, and a G-tolerance of about 30Gs.

The full list of changes in the update is available on the official War Thunder website.

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