Warcave reveal more information about their upcoming game Black Legend

Warcave reveal more information about their upcoming game Black Legend

In anticipation of Black Legend’s upcoming release date announcement, Warcave has revealed details on some of the game’s most intriguing foes. Black Legend’s creatures have all been inspired by centuries-old stories. Based on Belgian and Dutch folklore, these stories and the monsters that emerge from them have ancient roots, predating the Early Middle Ages.

While these monsters may be familiar for fans in Europe, Black Legend may be the first encounter players around the world have with characters like ‘Old Red Eyes’, providing the opportunity to explore and experience new legends for the first time. Whether fans are familiar with these folktales or not, the stories behind these monsters serve the same purposes: sometimes they teach moral lessons, encourage children to behave or to appeal to the internal fears of people, providing thrilling entertainment.

“These stories have survived for centuries because they speak to something within us and resonate with human experience, and we’re excited to put a spotlight on Belgian and Dutch folk stories in Black Legend,” said Menno van der Heijden, Black Legend Creative Director. “The creatures we’ve chosen are a perfect fit for the world we’ve built, and really add to the immersive, story-based experience we want players to have with the game.”


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