Warface has a new PvE operation called ”Hydra” in a free update

Warface has a new PvE operation called ”Hydra” in a free update

With Christmas literally around the corner (press X to slide under it as you pass it when disliking Christmas), Warface is celebrating the holidays by giving an update to the game for free where there is a new PvE Operation called Hydra. Based upon the water, get ready to defend objectives with a lot of shooting and team play. The story surrounding this new operation is as follows:

” Blackwood soldiers captured the “Vega-5” squad and Agent Noda, who managed to prevent the extermination of colonists on Mars and are keeping them on the Blackwood mobile naval base called “Hydra”. To save them, a special Warface unit “Sigma-3” has been sent to the island. “Sigma-3″ fighters managed to get to the base but were discovered by the enemy. ”

Look at the gameplay and impressions yourself in the new trailer below!

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