Warface – New battle royal mode

Warface – New battle royal mode

The popular online shooter Warface has a new mode available in the most recent update: The Battle Royale mode. This PvP mode makes players face off against fifteen opponents. Players have to avoid the rapidly increasing death zone and exterminate one another until only one player is left standing. This person is the victor of that intense free-for-all match. The map for this new mode is the largest PvP map available in Warface. While playing, players can discover over 70 different weapons and equipment scattered around the map inside crates. After certain periods of time there will be airdrops with more valuable equipment but since every player is interested in these, they might be a death trap.

Campers will have a hard time in this Battle Royale mode as invisible walls compress around the fighters killing everything outside of them. The best strategies to win are cunning ambushes, quick movements, and rapid kills. There are some extra strategies available by using the terrain, in the Mojave Desert, to your advantage. During the first week of the new mode, developers will use feedback from players to even further improve this new mode.

The new Battle Royale mode wasn’t the only thing that came with this new update; new weapons, new camos and a new rank were also included. One of the new weapons added is the powerful Desert Tech MDR-C, a bullpup SMG. This weapon provides great penetrability even with a silencer against helmets as it features increased damage. Other features of this weapon include a comfortable recoil and fast reloading.

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