Warframe – Meet your Nemesis in the newest update

Warframe – Meet your Nemesis in the newest update

Good news for the Warframe players! A new mainline update is here!

The Old Blood update will introduce the immortal foe the Kuva Lich, a brand-new Nemesis-like game system to Warframe. The new Kuva Lich will challenge veteran players with a Nemesis-like game system. Players will encounter and re-encounter their evolving nemesis, the Kuva Lich. The new Parazon, the hidden blade of the Tenno will have to be used to confront and kill the Kuva Lich from up close.

With this update comes also the 42nd Warframe; Grendel. He is armed with the ability to basically consume and regurgitate his enemies. These powers don’t only help Grendel but also empower his party and deal massive damage. Grendel will be able to be constructed from parts acquired for free in-game or fully purchased in the Marketplace. Check out his profile trailer here.

The new melee combat also has some upgrades that came with this update. Over hundreds of weapons have been rebalanced or buffed. These upgrades also include an improved Combo System that will ease the players’ ability to achieve combos. There are also new heavy attacks to lift, juggle and pummel enemies in the air. Ember and Vauban are also getting some love with this update, their rework has finally arrived after some time. They will now be like new and better suited for the newest Warframe gameplay.

The Old Blood Update is now available on PC and will release on consoles later on.

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