Warframe – Operation: Buried Debts is here!

Warframe – Operation: Buried Debts is here!

Awesome news for the Warframe fans! A new update has come to Warframe, Operation: Buried Debts will give players even more of the lore and secrets behind Fortuna. The update is, for now, only available on PC.

Digital Extremes is challenging Tenno to work together in the first time-limited Community Event of 2019.  Players will have to work together and help Solaris United take care of Orb Vallis. Operation: Buried Debts will show more how much of a grip Nef Anyo has on the people of Solaris United. Players will have to use the map that was puzzled together by Warframe streamers to find hidden items to scan. They will also have to use coolant cells from Coolant spiders that hide near the exploiter orb, to help Eudico with closing fissures that Nef Anyo is just ignoring. The more fissures, you close the more points you collect, which will unlock items from the event. You can unlock unique items such as: Emblem, Sigil, Amalgam Mods and the Opticor Vandal. To receive your final reward, however, you will need to take down a tremendous foe.

The 39th Warframe has also arrived! Hildryn the amazing female bodybuilder looking will bring a new play style to the table. Unlike most Warframes, Hildryn actually draws from her Shields instead of energy to use her Abilities. Energy drops will still work to recharge her shield but you will have to mod her differently than other Warframes. Hildryn’s abilities are both powerful and team-based, her one, Balefire, will be able to be charged and launch devastating bolts of fire like an exalted weapon. Her two, Shield Pillage, will take shields from nearby enemies to replenish her own Shields or even create Overshields.  Hildryn’s three, Haven, will create a shield aura around allies that will damage enemies when they come too close. Last but not least Hildryn’s four, Aegies Storm, allows Hildryn to fly up and lift up nearby enemies that will drop an Energy Drop, every few seconds and when Shields run out the enemies are smashed into the ground.  You will also be able to earn Hildryn’s Surator Syandan, Ausron alt helmet, the Corpus Quaro Syandana and wield her signature heavy weapon: the Larkspur which is a terrifying and strong Arch-gun.

Melee in Warframe has also received an update, with the melee change phase 1. Players will now be able to change between melee and guns more fluidly. When a melee now gets interrupted, by for example: gunfire, dodging, bullet jumping, you will be able to continue the combo with the next melee attack. For more information about the melee changes check the DE’s dev workshop.

A few other things have been added in this big update: you can now earn mods to customize the k-drive as well as earn standing and affinity in the k-drive races. Ephemera are now here, the newest way to customize your Warframe. You’ll be able to earn Ephemera effects in a variety of ways; Arbitrations, the Stalker, and Elite Sanctuary Onslaughts. Limbo Deluxe has also arrived in this update. Limbo Deluxe Skin, Tarock Thrown Blade Skin, Interga Sugatra, and the Sidereal Syandana are now purchasable either individual or as part of the Limbo Deluxe Bundle in the market. The Tatsu Sword, a two-handed Nikana is now available. Three new curly hairstyles for the Operators have also been added.

Orb Vallis is the second open-world landscape after Plains of Eidolon for Warframe. You can explore the huge landscape on foot, by K-drive or Archwing. Relax by Saving animals, Fishing or mining while stacking up on recourses. Fight the big spider looking orb mother in “The Profit-taker” available on all platforms.

Warframe is completely free to play and available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch. The Operation: Buried Debts update is out for PC and will come to consoles soon.

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