Warframe Shrine of the Eidolon – Take on the new colossal creatures

Warframe Shrine of the Eidolon – Take on the new colossal creatures

Great news for the Warframe fans: a new update is coming for the Plains of Eidolon. The update called “the Shrine of the Eidolon” re-organizes the Mastery Ranking of more than 150 weapons, re-balances a ton of Warframes and gives players the opportunity to monopolize the skies with the ridable Dargyn.

New beasts have also been added. The players will learn of this through rumors of mysterious towering creatures. The first creature is the Gantulyst, a huge beast that’s nearly twice the size of the first introduced Teralyst. It wields a rock as its arm and is capable of throwing a huge ball of energy that radiates powerful beams of Sentient energy in all directions. Second is the Hydrolyst, a toxic extremely dangerous creature, that can create toxic storm clouds which pour out poisonous Sentient energy that deals constant damage.

Players will have to use strategy and their experience with the original Teralyst to team up against these mighty creatures.  The rewards will be worth the struggle since there will be plenty. With the rideable Dargyn, that also have been added, players will not only be able to attack from the air, it’s also a faster way to travel across the Plains.

You can download Plains of Eidolon, and the update,  for free on PC, Xbox One and PC. Players that log in within one week of the updates launch will receive free items which include: a three-day Affinity Booster, 3X Forma, and a 1X Exilus Adaptor.


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