Warframe – The Empyrean is now also available for Xbox One and PS4!

Warframe – The Empyrean is now also available for Xbox One and PS4!

The newest update for Warframe aka Warframe the Empyrean is now available for some of the consoles!

In Empyrean players will crash into hostile Grineer forces in fast-paced spaceship battles. Tenno will need to work together and communicate as they control the Railjack in squads. They will need to play both offensive and defensive as the Railjack will need resources to keep ammo going and players will need to fix hull holes as the vessel takes damage.

Every Railjack battleship can be different as it’s fully upgradeable and customizable. You will be able to not only choose the color and skin but also construct its weapons, armor and pick its powers. Players will experience an RPG like progression system with the new Intrinsics feature. By earning their own Intrinsics points players will build their own player ranked skills. Three of the vessel’s powers can be upgraded: Battle, Integrated and Tactical which are called the Avionics.

All the Empyrean missions can be enjoyed solo but are truly meant for full squads. As time goes on Tenno will be able to unlock more Railjack powers which help out in combat and might give the advantage you need. You don’t actually need to stay on board of the ship, you could use the Archwing to secretly infiltrate the enemy’s ship or help out the Railjack battleship by fighting off enemies with the Archwing cannons.

The Dry Dock and Railjack can be build by using resources that can be obtained for free in Warframe in the Marketplace. Warframe Empyrean is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and was already previously available on PC. Nintenno will sadly have to wait till 2020 before they can experience Railjack.

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