Warframe: The Old Blood update

Warframe: The Old Blood update

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will be glad to receive the new update for the popular game Warframe. It was already released for the PC and the Switch players will have to wait a bit longer for it. The new update will fix some gameplay issues and introduces some new elements. These key features are:

  • The Kuva Lich: Hunt down your personal nemesis across the Origin System and slay it with your hidden Parazon Blade for powerful rewards, or convert it into an ally.
  • Grendel Warframe: The 42nd Warframe is armed with stomach-churning Abilities that consume and regurgitate his enemies. Grendel can be constructed from parts acquired free in-game or purchased in the Marketplace, either standalone or as part of a Bundle.
  • Melee Changes: Phase 2: Melee combat in Warframe gets more streamlined and deep with this significant gameplay overhaul. It adds hundreds of weapon buffs, re-balanced stats, Heavy Attacks, melee attacks that link to juggles, and a reworked combo system that makes initiating, chaining and ending combos seamless and intuitive.
  • Ember and Vauban Reworked for Modern Warframe: Classic Warframes Ember and Vauban have had their stats adjusted and their core Abilities re-imagined, making them feel more versatile, powerful and appropriate for modern day Warframe gameplay.
  • New Collectibles and TennoGen Items: Collectors will have a bevy of new cosmetics, companions, and more to obtain in The Old Blood with the Titania Deluxe Collection, a new vampiric Kavat species, and four new community created TennoGen cosmetic Bundles.
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