Warframe – The queen of the hunt finally has her Prime!

Warframe – The queen of the hunt finally has her Prime!

Ivara Prime has arrived to PC!

She is the Warframe queen of the hunt and of stealth. Now you’ll be able to bring Ivara Prime on Stealth missions and look even more beautiful during them. She will come with her prime weapons, Baza Prime and Aksomati Prime, accessoires, Apvada Prime Syandana and Anasa Ayatan Prime Armor and Glyphs all have also been added in this update. The update will release for consoles later on as well, so they will have to wait a little bit before they can see the Prime stealth queen.

Just like every Prime Warframe, Ivara prime can be acquired for free by opening relics containing her blueprints or you can buy the full collection plus extras by buying Ivara Prime Access. Ivara has always been a frame that is tricky to obtain so now that her Prime version has arrived it might give more players the chance to obtain her.

Check her out now in Warframe on PC, Warframe is completely free to play so no reason to hold back!

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