Warhammer Quest – Review
Follow Genre: Dungeon-crawler, rpg
Developers: Rodeo Games, Twistplay
Publisher: Chilled Mouse
Tested on: PC

Warhammer Quest – Review

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Good: lots of content, simple but good gameplay
Bad: Graphics and sound could've been better on the port, real-currency option somewhat unfair
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Warhammer has been around for quite some time now, starting off as a multiplayer board game and eventually finding its way to more diverse platforms. In Warhammer Quest, you’ll be experiencing a fun and interesting dungeon-crawler with tons of RPG elements in it, instead of playing around with real miniature figures and having the need for a huge table. Delve yourself in an adventure where you’ll be doing tons of quests, varying from slaying some enemies to searching for treasures and helping out people in need.



In Warhammer Quest, you’ll be leading a party of 4 different characters in search for exciting adventures, including tons of battles and the seach for all the riches and glory in the world. You’ll be venturing in all kinds of dungeons, exploring a lot of tunnels in the hopes of finding all the loot that you could hope for.

The game offers quite a lot of main quests, accompanied with a lot of side quests for you to enjoy. While doing the main quests, you’ll keep on progressing through tougher challenges for you to complete and eventually completing your adventure. The side quests don’t offer any relations with the main quests, but do help you along your adventures by becoming stronger and gaining new equipment.


Warhammer Quest adapts a really old, medieval type of setting showing of tons of classic creatures like goblins, trolls, spiders and all those kinds of creepy stuff. The game succeeds in bringing the charm of dungeon-crawlers to the player, offering tons of dungeons and enemies for you to admire.

However, after progressing through the game you’ll notice that most of the dungeons and creatures start to be pretty repetitive and not being really original. Most of your characters look like rather class stereotypes, not offering much of a personality.


This originally being a iOS game and getting a port to the PC, does justify its limits of design. The developers really did their best on bringing a good looking game to a rather limited platform, and for that the graphics are pretty well done.


The sound overall does its job fine, not being bad but not being amazing either. Most of the time you won’t notice the music when playing, but it still provides some atmosphere to the game.

There isn’t really voice-acting available, except for the occasional sound effects from your characters when they attack or get attacked. The same goes for the enemies.



Warhammer Quest is a dungeon-crawling RPG which offers a top-down view on the dungeon rather than a first-person perspective. You will be venturing through tons of dungeons in a grid-like layout, moving around the four characters in your party with each their own specialty like melee or ranged attacks. You move around your character based upon their movement area, going from room to room and encountering hordes of enemies.

The gameplay overall is pretty simple: you move your characters, assign them to attack enemies and defeat them. When having dealt with a encounter, you’ll be allowed to move further through the dungeon, which leads to even more enemies. Some enemies also differentiate themselves based upon melee or ranged attacks, some being easier to hit and some dodging your attacks.

Each character in your party has his or her own unique abilities, like curing allies, using spells to deal damage upon enemies or inflicting ailments. Melee units have the unique opportunity to keep attack when they kill an enemy, so if you kill an enemy, you can hit once again and keep continuing the attacking streak.


When not inside a dungeon, you will be travelling on the world map to different establishments where you can find new quests, buy or sell items in shops or customize your party. You will earn coins by defeating enemies during the main or side quests, gathering loot after each encounter. You can spend these coins to buy new equipment, or adding levels to your characters. For the people who do not mind putting in some real money into the game, you can buy coins using real currency. For some people this might leave a bad aftertaste, which is pretty understandable because during quests it can happen that your money gets stolen from you. Which means that if you used real money, you have the chance to lose it if you haven’t spend it yet.

Aside from the coins, you can also buy additional content for your game, for example you can buy new character classes for you to further improve and set up you own unique party. You may also buy additional quests for you to prolong your journey. The game offers a lot of additional content, so if you would finish the game, you can buy these contents to keep on playing rather than starting anew.



Overall, this game isn’t the best in terms of graphics and sound because it is a iOS game that also got port on Steam. The aspect of in-game currency might leave a bad aftertaste with some people, while other probably won’t mind the function. This depends on what kind of person you are. However, the game offers quite a lot of content for you to enjoy, offering enough quests to keep you busy while not making the battles feel too prolonged. If you are a fan of medieval dungeon-crawlers, then you should definitely give this game a shot.

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