WARNO coming to Steam on January 20th

WARNO coming to Steam on January 20th

Eugen Systems are excited to announce their game WARNO will be coming to Early Access on Steam this January 20th. Getting the most out of the real-time strategy genre, WARNO brings players the most recent World War III simulator at their disposal.

In WARNO, players will have to be quick on their wit and tactical skills to take charge of the hundreds of units on the battlefields. World War III will become a reality, both sides using their full arsenal, from conscripts to Spetsnaz, main battle tanks, attack helicopters, and stealth strike aircraft. As commander, it’ll be the player’s duty to use the entire range of tactical tools available to them, from smoke screens to off-map fire missions in order to turn the battlefield to their advantage.

The game will allow players to experience deep and realistic strategy, with tactics and technology recreated from real military units. Alongside this, players will be able to learn details about each unit in depth, in order to upgrade and better utilize each battlegroup.

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