Warriors: Rise to Glory multiplayer goes beta

Warriors: Rise to Glory multiplayer goes beta

It’s summer and what’s a better way to spend some time than to play some video games? If you have a recent addiction towards the Warriors: Rise to Glory game, you might be glad to hear that this game is launching its multiplayer mode. While this is still a beta, there will be some improvements coming for stability depending on user feedback. The game has been an Early Access game since 2018 and uses turn-based combat with RPG elements fighting in an arena. Key features are:

  • Fight intense turn-based battles in spectacular arenas
  • Create your custom warrior with crazy looks and bestow him the most ridiculous fearsome honorary titles
  • Gain experience and level up your warrior with better stats and new combat skills
  • Enter the arena in individual duels and tournaments to the death
  • Test your skills in survival mode and rule the Indiekingdom leaderboard
  • Earn money as you progress to buy cool gear(or just loot them from these poor bastards’ corpses)
  • Please the crowd and they might help you in and outside the arena
  • Decide the fate of your fallen opponents: kill them or humiliate them…and earn rewards based on your decisions!
  • Play against your friends in local multiplayer (online coming soon, we promise!)
  • Face crazy bosses with unique powers that will put your tactical skills to a test
  • Decide carefully, for death is permanent…
  • …but do it fast, because some battles are time-limited!

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