Watch out for Flawed Ones: Puppeteer

Watch out for Flawed Ones: Puppeteer

Some of us might remember the puppeteer shows we saw when we were mere children. Now we know that these stories weren’t real … or are they? Flawed Ones: Puppeteer tells a tale about a simple puppeteer who ventures between towns and cities to make a living. One a day, his story is rather dark. It is about some poor children who steal a delicious looking cake. The guards catch them though and they are beaten to death. This scenario didn’t only happen in the play, but also during real life. That day the puppeteer gains the power of controlling people.

With this power, he will certainly do things and he will (or maybe will not) discover his own soul.

These are some main features:

  • Unique shadow play theme and scenario
  • 8 types of units, 3 types of towers, 3 types of buildings & 1 castle, 6 types of skills/tools, 5 types of buildings which can be captured, and more than 200 upgrades
  • Unique gameplay: Strategy, simulated combat and action combination
  • Indirect decision making system via short shadow play shows
  • Dynamic change between shadow play and cartoonish graphics
  • Cross platform multiplayer available

Since this is a game that is still in Steam Greenlight, you should check it out here.

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