Watcher Chronicles releases today

Watcher Chronicles releases today

Today, Third Sphere Game Studios have announced the release of the 2D souls-like-action-RPG Watcher Chronicles. It’s now available for purchase on Steam with a 10% discount during the first week. The game’s soundtrack is also available as a separate deal for those interested. Watcher Chronicles blends the characteristic souls-like fast skill-based combat with RPG elements, and it also has a local-co-op multiplayer modeso you can play with a friend.

The forces of evil have allied in the darkest depths of the Purgatory to turn it into a new Hell, punishing those lost souls wandering in their search for expiratory purification. The hero of the game has to fight his way through this wretched abyss, while fighting hordes of enemies and over twenty bosses, to stop the evil forces from executing their plans.

Below, you can watch the release trailer for Watcher Chronicles.

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