Waves Out! released today

Waves Out! released today

Today, Crevice and Sony Interactive Spain have announced the release of Waves Out!, a party game exclusively available on the PlayStation 4 as a digital-only title.

It all started at the Global Game Jam, an event held in 2017 where it appeared as a jam game. At that event, this game won an award at that time and now, that first prototype has evolved to a full game that has finally released. In Waves Out!, you control a Magnetin, a character with magnetic skills and the goal is to gather as many balls as possible and end up with more balls than your opponent.

Waves Out features three different game modes, a single-player campaign, a 1v1 mode and a survival mode. In the first two modes, you’ll be playing against one opponent while in the survival mode, you’ll try to beat your own high scores.

You can watch the gameplay trailer of Waves Out! below this post.

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