We Are Football – Goes Green!


The latest update of We Are Football adds an earth-friendly electro-truckload of sustainability features that every good manager should consider, such as; the use of wind turbines to power the stadium of your dreams, or sell vegan food in reusable dishes. You can build charging stations for electrical vehicles and improve public transportation connections. And, if you have a bit of extra money, consider building a fusion power reactor! These and many other features are part of the new update: better management for the 2nd team, or improvements to training camps. Update 11 will be available today and is, of course, free of charge.

We Are Football is a realistic simulation of what it takes to be a head coach and a manager at the same time. From organizing the daily training to choosing the right tactics to beat your opponents We Are Football has the A and Z of Football management.

Key Features:

  • Easy to grasp: learn the details while you play
  • A throwback to classic traditional management games
  • Vast management options: control Finance, Sponsors, HR, Organisation, Fan Support, Club Members, Stock Market, Fan Funds, and more
  • Develop your management skills like in RPGs
  • All recent developments of professional football will find their way into the game
  • Detailed team and player stats
  • Modern training and realistic training schedules
  • Individual player skill trees
  • Complete psychological profiles for your players to find the perfect harmony for your team
  • Control the development of young players years before they sign their first contract
  • Match-engine with focus on the ball and players who participate in offensive maneuvers
  • Spectacular half-time speeches
  • Build your stadium and your club area in 3D, and visit your club’s museum
  • Use the in-built assessment test to find your perfect club
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