Weeview Eye-Plug – Hardware Review
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Weeview Eye-Plug – Hardware Review

Good: The possibility to make 3D photos and videos, refocussing and effects
Bad: Battery depletes fast, both cameras get quite hot
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In an era where social media is quite important, taking decent pictures or great videos surely isn’t a luxury. Some phones have the available hardware but it still might be hard to get that perfect shot. There are quite some possibilities to improve the quality of your pictures and this is where the Eye-Plug comes in the spotlight. This camera gives you unexpected possibilities, like the option to make 3D videos, making it possible to get some other shots than what you would regularly get.



There are different brands that provide external cameras so it is a bit hard to stand out. On opening the box, you see a rather small but sturdy camera greeting you. The overall design is sleek and the USB connector is protected, and hidden at the same time, by a small cap. In comparison to other possible cameras, this small piece of hardware stands out. This is also the case due to the two different colors. The outer ends of the camera have a grey accent, while the inner parts are in a bright shade, this could be in white or vivid orange.

The camera has one big extra in its sleeve as well, namely that it can rotate 180°. This rotating point is in the middle of the device but it’s not that visible for the eye. It is a quick way for you to change the direction of the lens when you’re switching the back and front camera.



As this piece of hardware is quite small and compact, it’s something fun to work with. Even more, it’s easy to take with you due to its size and weight, as it is as light as a feather. One small remark regarding this matter could be that, due to the little weight, it might not seem sturdy. Switching cameras angles is also very simple thanks to the rotating system, making it easy to use. One downside might be that you can only rotate it from one side, so if you accidentally forcefully flip it the wrong way it might be that you break the gadget.


  • Dimensions: 20mm x 39mm x 13 mm
  • Weighs 6 grams
  • HD 30fps / outpur resolution
  • JPEG/MP4 (30fps) format
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 or higher
  • Camera can rotate 180° single side
  • Two apps for taking 3D images and videos
  • Can connect to any phone with a USB Type-C port
  • Possibility to refocus or use certain effects



The Eye-Plug is a hardware device that gives you the possibility to take pictures with more depth or to film 3D videos. Before you can actually start your photography spree, you’ll need to install one (or two) apps. Before you can use these, it’s only natural that you need to connect the camera. Since there are now two cameras, you’ll need to watch out that you don’t block vision of one of those two. The Eye-Plug has foreseen detection for certain possible problems and you’ll get a highlighted icon that will warn you that something is not ok. Pressing this button will give you a small tutorial on what you need to keep in mind when using the device. This is a feature that surely is handy, especially when working with it for the first time. For instance, when you the angle of the Eye-Plug is different than the camera of the phone, you won’t be able to take any pictures either. There are also some extra tips, like keeping the distance more than 90 cm and using complex and/or multi-layered backgrounds to get the best pictures.


First of all, the Eye-Plug Photos app will give you the possibility to take pictures with both cameras, keeping the tips and tricks in  mind of course. With this app, you can set a timer, control the flash and see the warning sign. Taking pictures is as simple as always, and after you took some shots, you can take a look in the gallery. If taking your depth pictures failed, both frames will be visible. Otherwise you will see a that there is one merged visual with an icon at the top right. This indicates that these can be edited, meaning that you can change the focus of the picture and even add effects that will only affect the background. For example, you can transform the background in an oil painting, while the focused area will remain the same. This gives the opportunity to really create some fun pictures. It would have been nice that both refocussing and effects could be applied on the same picture. Now, you can only do one of both but it could be that you want to refocus your picture a bit and add some cool specials later on.

The Eye-Plug 3D works on a similar way, although two separate video feeds will appear. After you’ve taken your footage, you can put your phone inside 3D glasses and watch the video you’ve created. This might not be the best quality material but it surely works more than enough and will give you some fun to create 3D videos.


One general downside may be that the battery depletes rather quick, especially when you’re taking 3D videos and editing images. This is something to keep in mind, as it might be a good idea to shoot some pictures and videos first and do the editing later on. Also, both cameras tend to warm up quite a lot so it might be best to let your phone cool off a bit after a while.


If you’re looking for a small but reliable device that can give some depth to your pictures or even take 3D videos, you can certainly take a look at the Eye-Plug. This hardware device gives you the possibility to refocus certain items or people on a picture or add effects. Since this equipment is made to take depth pictures, there are some things you need to keep in mind, but there is a warning icon that has some tips for you as well. Although your phone tends to heat up a bit and your battery might deplete quite fast, the Eye-Plug is fun to work with.

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Weeview Eye-Plug - Hardware Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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