Highest Paying Jobs in a Casino?

Highest Paying Jobs in a Casino?

The casino business is often compared to that of hotels due to its services landing mostly in the hospitality fields. Some casinos include hotel and restaurant services, which places them right in the core of the turf. However, the casino industry acquires a distinct class of its own thanks to its provision of a little bit more – gambling services. This unique nature creates an entirely new field of jobs to ensure the casino front runs as it should, most of which pay well considering the successful nature of the business. The opportunities presented in the brick and mortar platform differ from those of running online games such as different slots, and we list some of those that pay the best.

  • Casino owner

Even though owning a casino means you sit at the top of the chain with no one to answer to, it can also be considered a job. Over the years, the gambling business has been turned into a corporate field like most other thriving niches, which sees fewer casinos (https://slots-online-canada.com/casino-reviews/) run by individual owners. Even so, the leniency of laws in your region dictates whether or not you can open your own gambling den.

As a casino owner, the main element demanded from you is to make an investment that will be used to launch the establishment. Once you break the ground and put the right people in place, all you have to do is sit back and cut cheques. The amount that you receive depends on the success of the entity, and in most cases, casino bosses rake in well over two hundred thousand dollars a year. The booming nature of the business makes this limit beatable by most establishments in a month.

  • Operations Director

Casinos become a success thanks to the implementation of a system like most other businesses, and the operations manager is the individual placed at the top of this pyramid. The post of operations director demands a lot since the success of a gambling den depends on their ability to keep everything regarding the entity in line. The director is responsible for assessing different business approaches and deciding the best one to follow through. Also, they ensure the seamless flow of special occasions held in the establishment, and all the staff answer to them. With such a large weight to carry, it is no wonder this position rakes in between 86 and 150 thousand dollars per annum when running an average casino.

The acquisition of this post demands a bachelor’s degree, mainly in business fields. Having a degree in hospitality can also come in handy. An understanding of how the nitty-gritty details of gaming clubs work is necessary, which is why most directors of operation are only hired with experience of a decade or more on casino floors and managerial posts.

  • Shift Manager

Shift managers are mostly placed second in command to the director of operations. These individuals are responsible for supervising casino floors to ensure that everything is functioning as they should. Not only do they make sure that the staff members are performing their tasks properly, but they also mingle with clients to identify their needs and have them resolved. They can also help in singling out players that are bringing in big business in the casino and provide various incentives to keep them happy and playing.

Getting the post of a shift manager does not require one to have a degree, but one in hospitality is considered a big plus. However, experience in working casino floors for more than three years is demanded since one should understand how each of the games works and the duties of staff members so that they can coordinate them accordingly. On average, shift managers make more than 70 thousand dollars per year.

  • Dealer

Dealers, also known as croupiers, play the crucial role of conducting table and card games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Most gambling destinations pay their dealers by the hour with wages of between fifteen and twenty dollars. These salaries sound average, but they can be sent to staggering heights by the collection of tips. This advantage is as a result of the dealers’ direct interaction with clients.


The brick and mortar gambling industry may have been overtaken by the online platform, but the niche is still thriving. Therefore, punters looking to work in the industry can expect good pay from these and numerous other posts.

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