What I’ve heard: Dead Space 4 and franchise cancelled

What I’ve heard: Dead Space 4 and franchise cancelled

There is a big rumour going around today that Dead Space 3 failed to attract the necessary numbers to keep going. Through falling short of its apparent need to sell 5 million units to keep the franchise viable to EA.

An anonymous source has said as such Dead Space 4, which was in pre-production at Visceral studios and Visceral Montreal, has been cancelled along with the Dead Space franchise as a whole. With Visceral Montreal’s entire studio being closed because of restructuring at EA.

Hopefully the rumours are false, while the newest Dead Space title wasn’t my favourite killing the entire franchise sounds terrible. I have always felt that along with Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed, Dead Space was one of the best new franchises that we’ve gotten during this console generation.

Though with the way that THQ was recently shuttered I can understand why EA might be cautious about putting money on a franchise that they don’t feel makes them enough of a profit.

If it turns out to be true, and I can honestly see that it probably is, it’s going to be a sad state of affairs for many people who have worked on the Dead Space franchise and the gamers who love it.

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