what?! Nintendo 3DS XL is Eevolving!

what?! Nintendo 3DS XL is Eevolving!

When it comes to really awesome versions of Nintendo handhelds Japan gets the best, and by the best I mean all of them.

Eevee 3DS

This time it’s a stunning Eevee edition of the 3DS XL with a gorgeous new design that makes me swoon and want to pay all of my money for it. If you live in Japan the only way to grab this version of the 3DS XL is through a lottery system at one of the 7 Pokemon Center locations in the country. The lottery lasts from May 15th to June 3rd and the system itself will put buyers back by 18,900 yen or around $185.00. The lottery is held for reservations of the system as you still have to purchase the actual system though its quantity is limited.

Pikachu 3DS


This isn’t the first time that Japan has gotten special versions of the 3DS, before the west got it the 3DS XL Pikachu edition was exclusively available in Japan.It isn’t as stylish as the Eevee edition but it harkened back to the Pikachu Gameboy Color and the Pikachu N64.

While the Pikachu 3DS XL managed to eventually make its way out of Japan and into the other regions the Charizard 3DS XL hasn’t made its way over and unlike the Pikachu version it hasn’t been made available outside of its initial lottery exclusivity.

Charizard 3DS XL

There is now word on whether or not the Eevee or the Charizard special editions of the 3DS XL will make its way out of Japan or even if they will make their way out of the lottery and into actual purchasing.


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