What the heck is a Terrorarium?

What the heck is a Terrorarium?

Well, it’s a toolset, more or less. It’s still a game, but you are the god that controls the fates of the adorable Moogu creatures that inhabit this world. Think of a mix between Lemmings and Super Mario Maker. Plus there’s gardening! As the controlling force, you guide your army of adorable mushroom people off to their deaths.

“We want players to feel terrible as they sentence cute little mushroom creatures to their deaths! Who hasn’t pushed an NPC off a cliff once?”

In maker mode is where you get to the Mario Maker parts of the game. With its more than 100+ assets, you can build levels that include some vicious creatures, treacherous hazards, plant monsters, lovely foliage and destructible terrain. Share your levels with your friends (or enemies) and see if they can beat your devilish traps!


  • 100+ customizable unique assets.
  • Embody The Gardener and send your Moogu to their inevitable doom.
  • Quick Play community-made mazes, gauntlets, gardens, or whatever else players dream up.
  • Easily shareable levels, challenge your frenemies!
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