What to Expect from the New Sony Console PS5?

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The gaming consoles war is seriously on for the year 2020. Microsoft and Sony are burning the midnight oil to come out with unique and massive gaming consoles to impress the gaming fans. Microsoft is all set to bring out the new Xbox into the scene during the holiday season of 2020. Sony also does not want to fall behind and is going to come out with its own version of the new age console around the same time this year.

Some News about PS5

Sony is keen on not revealing the look and the design of the PS5, and still, everything is under wraps. Only the new PS5 logo is unveiled. It does not have major changes to the logos of the PS4 and the PS3. It is a simple rounded logo.

As this one will debut in the same timeframe as the Xbox X, the game enthusiasts can expect some unbelievable offers. A few specifications of the PS5 has come into the limelight. By the look of things, it is going to swallow its predecessor PS4. Sony has decided not to bring this one to the E3 conference to be held from June 9th to 11th 2020.

Powerful Performer

The technical specifications of the new PlayStation 5 are going to blow you off your mind. It is coming with impressive features like 3D audio, 8K graphics, high-speed Solid State Drive. One thing is sure that the players, which also enjoy playing games at https://real-gambling.com/online-slots/ are going to enjoy faster and quicker games without the need to worry about loading time. The hard drive is a thing to forget, and SSD is the in thing. The games will load up at lightning speeds as compared to the earlier 15 seconds on the PS4.

There is enough firepower under the hood of the PS5. It is going to be something that Sony gamers and fans have never seen before. The CPU comes with third-generation AMD that contains 8 cores. It is from Ryzen and will feature the all-new 7nm Zen2 microarchitecture.

The GPU, which is one of the most important components of a console, is a variant of the Navi family of Radeon. This means the players get to see their favourite characters in 8K video resolution. This means your high-resolution television will ensure great visual and sound quality that has not been seen in earlier PS series. There is great excitement among the fans. They are impressed with the small details in the processor and the GPU that are now available on the internet. The gamers are waiting to see how it would look like and also the game that it would be coming out with.

Information on Games

It is not clear as to whether the PS5 will have backwards compatibility or how they are going to handle it. Other companies are offering this backwards compatibility option for the users that allows the players to get access to the older classic games. Microsoft has come out with promises to their fanatics that their console will be coming out with multiple generations of video titles that fans have grown up playing. If they too offer the backwards compatibility for their subscribers, then the gamers are in for a treat as far as titles are concerned. They will get to try the classics and also find a lot of new ones on the PS5.

User-Friendly Interface

Sony PS5 is going to change the way you get access to video games on the internet. You are going to get quick and instant access to the titles available online so that you do not have to search for the ones you want from a pile. It will bring out an efficient way to find the online title and start playing it within seconds. The users can join the play right from their home screen. There is no need to waste time for the game to load and wait for the matchmaking to get your hands on the controls. It is bound to bring out real-time joinable activities, and the players are in for something big once this device hits the market.

Should Reveal More Details Very Soon

Sony cannot keep the details of the new PS5 under wraps for a long time. As Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox X, it is obvious that Sony should have to come out with details of the next-generation console very soon. The AMD GPU offers support for ray tracing. It comes loaded with a lot of RAM, and by the details that are available so far, it would be launched at a higher price than the PS4. The use of SSD, high storage, top-end GPU and processor is sure to make it a pricey option. Feelers are coming in the air that the price of this new console would be £80 more than the PS4 and PS4 Pro. If this is the case, then it would be an okay price, but with so many expensive components, the company would do well to keep the cost of the PS5 at affordable limits.

Sony is sure to bring it out during the Holiday 2020 season that falls from October to December. Rumour has it that the PS5 will appear in the markets in November 2020 to give some time for the Christmas orders.

The PS5 has a solid competition in the form of Microsoft Xbox X and both the companies will be looking to outwit the other in terms of features and games. It is expected that the company will reveal the release date of PlayStation 5 when the console is officially revealed. There are chances for the PS5 to come with backwards compatibility with PS4 games and also the PSVR hardware.

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