What Were the Best Sports Games of 2019?

What Were the Best Sports Games of 2019?

2019 was a good year for gaming, with a lot of great new titles released. Among them, we can see a number of interesting sports games. So which are the very best ones to try?

Madden NFL 20

This long-running series of football games continued, with Madden NFL 20 released in August 2019. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the star on the cover. This is the first time that a Chiefs player has appeared on the cover of the game.

As usual, the developers at EA Tiburon have worked hard to bring in entirely new features. These include a personalized career campaign. In this part of the game, you need to create a college football quarterback and then guide their career.

It is available for a range of devices; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Reviews of this latest Madden NFL game were mixed, but a lot of players were happy to see the new features. See if you can pick up some Super Bowl wins by leading your team to glory.

NHL 20

Ice hockey games don’t tend to get hyped as much as some other sports titles. This is a shame, as EA Vancouver has done a fine job in bringing hockey to life over the years. This latest installment in their NHL series was released in September for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The man on the cover is Auston Matthews from the Toronto Maple Leafs. Online reviews of this 29th installment of the NHL game have been generally pretty positive. A lot of players like the fact that new features such as Squad Battles and a better shooting engine have been added.

The commentary has also been spiced up by adding some new voices, including celebrities like Drake. However, perhaps the best reason for playing this game is that it now includes the ability to hit the signature shots that star players are renowned for.

MLB The Show 19

This baseball game was brought out on public sale in March of this year. This is the 14th game in the MLB series that is published by Sony. The player that you can see on the cover photo is Bryce Harper, who is an outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies.

It is available only for the PlayStation and was well received by players. Among the most interesting updates is the Moments feature. This is where you can take part in some of the most iconic matches from the history of baseball.

The Road to the Show is a career mode that lets you start with a new player and see how far he can go with your help.


This massively successful soccer simulation was released in the month of September by Electronic Arts. It is the 27th game in the series and can be played on a range of devices; PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The cover star is Eden Hazard of Real Madrid. Possibly the most innovative change is the introduction of VOLTA. This lets the player move away from the traditional game format to play in street games with fewer players, such as 3v3 or 4v4.

The Ultimate Team now has 88 famous legend players, known as icons. They count with the likes of Didier Drogba, Pep Guardiola and Ronald Koeman all added for this edition. Fresh game modes that liven up the action include Mystery Ball and King of the Hill. The career mode has also been updated in a number of ways. Overall, the PS4 and Xbox One versions have been especially well received.

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