What’s new about Final Fantasy VIII Remastered?

What’s new about Final Fantasy VIII Remastered?

Final Fantasy VIII might be one of the most popular Final Fantasy games next to VII. Where number seven got an entire overhaul, number eight tries to not forget its fans either with the Remastered edition which will be out the 3rd of September, 2019. What can we expect from this Remastered edition?

  • Obviously, the graphics will be better. Models and images have been re-rendered for more detail.
  • You can put the game on triple the speed, so fights and the game will be faster.
  • There’s the possibility to always have full HP and ATB and use limit breaks at any given time, as well as the option to not encounter any enemies while walking.
  • The console versions will have achievements/trophies, and the game is portable for the first time thanks to the Nintendo Switch.
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