When the Past was Around launches today

When the Past was Around launches today

As stated in last night’s Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, Point-and-click puzzle game ‘When the Past was Around’ created by Mojiken, an Indonesian developer, has launched today for Nintendo Switch. The release of the PS4 version is scheduled for tomorrow and the Xbox One version will release on Friday.

This game will invite players to gather clues, solve puzzles, and unravel secrets buried deep within the protagonist’s mind. In this game, haunting violin music has replaced the written world when delving into the world of Eda as you retrace her memories of her love from the best to the saddest moments. The game is filled with puzzles, a bittersweet story, and some nice music.

This game has also won the Best Game award at this year’s Gamescom Indie Arena Booth. The music composed by Masdito “ittou” Bachtiar that is featured in this game has also won the Best Audio award at the Taipei Game Show.

Below, you can watch a release trailer for When the Past was Around.

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