Which mobile platform is best for gaming?

Which mobile platform is best for gaming?

For many people today, the mobile phone isn’t a way to keep in touch with everyone; it’s a way to have your gaming options with you 24/7, wherever you are, whenever you want. In a survey by the Internet Advertising Bureau this year, 54% of respondents stated that their phone was their favourite gaming device. Of course, you’ll still use the phone to call people or send them messages, as well as doing stuff like paying your bills and checking your bank account on it, but if gaming is really important to you, you need to decide which mobile platform offers you the best gaming experience.

Really, it’s between iOS and Android, although Windows Phone offers gaming possibilities too. Let’s think about how they compare.


To see what kind of quality and quantity of games each mobile platform offers, check out their games catalogue. That’s the Windows Phone Store, the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. Google Play and the App Store have more than a quarter of a million gaming apps apiece, so you know you’ll never run short of different games on either of those. However, you’ll need to be able to sift through a lot of mediocre apps to find the great games, so look at the best seller lists and pay attention to the player ratings. On a Windows Phone or iOS a really positive rating is 4.5 stars, whereas on Android a 4 star rating or higher is a good score.


Which game, which platform?

You’ll find that some games are only available on one or other of the platforms. Lots of games will be found on all three. Real money games are a good example – the gaming operators want maximum exposure to potential players, so make sure that their games are as openly available as possible for any mobile platform. On danskcasinoliste.dk you’ll see there’s a wide selection of games that can be played on a mobile as well as on a pc or laptop.

For some gaming types, though, exclusivity is important and if that sounds like you, then the App Store is the place to go. Apple’s deals with games designers often mean that the App Store has exclusivity on a new game – at least for a given period of time. For example, Cut The Rope 2 was only available with the App Store for a number of months when it was first released. However, the exclusivity doesn’t usually last that long, so if you’re willing to wait, the other platforms will get the new games eventually. Android has fewer exclusive games, whereas Windows has some, but they are usually slimmed down versions of Xbox games that have been adapted for mobile play – Kinectimals is an example.

To pay or not to pay

The world is divided into two types of people – those who are willing to pay for gaming apps on their phones and those who don’t see why they should! If you fit into the latter camp, you’re likely to enjoy using Android more than the other platforms. Many of the games you need to buy on iOS or Windows Phone are available for free on Google Play.

However, when you are willing to pay, the pricing structure on all three platforms is pretty similar, with games costing around the same wherever you buy them. What Android does more often, though, is offer special promotions and discounts on its apps.

For many phone owners, the gaming options aren’t the most important features when deciding which platform to go with, but if that is your focus, the choice seems to be between exclusivity on iOS or value on Android.

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