Who Are the Best FIFA Players in 2022?

Who Are the Best FIFA Players in 2022?

FIFA is one of the most competitive Esports on the planet. The biggest tournaments feature 6 figure prize pools, and major companies are throwing massive sponsorship deals around. This article will look at the top FIFA pros in 2022. You can stream matches and bet on cyber football, following the best footwager tips from our betting experts. Dive in now!

1. Umut “Umut” Gültekin

Umut “Umut” Gültekin is currently the best FIFA player on the planet. The young German is the reigning 2022 FIFA World Cup champion after he defeated legendary FIFA player nicolas99fc 4-5 in one of the best finals we have ever seen.

Thanks to Umut “Umut” Gültekin’s FIF World Cup win, he took home $250,000 in cash! He has just under $500,000 in earnings and, thanks to his creative style and aggressive strategy, has a great chance of winning back-to-back FIFA World Cups!

2. Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba

Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba is a FIFA legend! At 22 years, he is already one of the wealthiest FIFA players on the planet, with $574,416 in lifetime tournament earnings. The Argentinian’s best performances came at the eChampions League 2022, where he took first for $75,000, and the 2022 FIFe World Cup, where he came second for $100,000.

We expect Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba to have a strong 2023 season. Hopefully, it goes down in the final of the 2023 FIFAe World Cup! We would love a rematch between him and Umut “Umut” Gültekin.

3. Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt

All FIFA fans know Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt! The 22-year-old Brit has won virtually every Tier 1 tournament you can imagine! His biggest wins include the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019, FUT 19 Champions Cup November – Finals, and the FIFA Global Series Rankings 2020 – Xbox One . With just under $600,000 in lifetime FIFA tournament earnings, Tekkz is a baller!

4. Matías “Matias” Bonanno

It seems like Argentina has a factory that just spits out world-class FIFA players! Matías “Matias” Bonanno is another wildly talented pro-Argentinian FIFA player who has just under $250,000 in tournament winnings.

Matías “Matias” Bonanno has had an epic 2022 season winning the FIFA 22 Global Series – Team of the Season Cup for $100,000 and coming second at the eChampions League 2022 for $50,000, where he lost to his compatriot Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba. The youngster seems to get better every year, expect him to make a deep run at the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

5. Paulo “Paulo Neto” Neto

You can’t have a list of the top FIFA players without including at least one Brazilian. Paulo “Paulo Neto” Neto is currently signed to Atlanta United FC and has racked up an impressive $200,000 in earnings. He is known for his slick dribbling skills and his aggressive defense. His biggest results include 4th at the FIFA 22 Global Series – Team of the Season Cup for $30,000 and 5th at the FIFA World Cup 2022 for $12,500.

Final Thoughts

Umut “Umut” Gültekin is the number 1 FIFA player in the world. He is the reigning world champion after he won the 2022 FIFA] World Cup. Expect Umut to have an incredible 2023 season and win a lot of Tier 1 tournaments! With almost $500,000 in lifetime earnings, his skills pay the bills.

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