Why big arcade boxes are a lot more fun than consoles

The gaming universe has gone a long way from arcade machines to modern consoles. In the 80s and 90s children were having a lot of fun playing big arcade games, while their parents were shopping.

Nowadays, consoles like PS4, Xbox One, Wii rule the world. They have a lot of customers, and the games released on these platforms enjoy huge popularity among gamers. Still more people find old arcade games and machines fun to play and their presence has not been diminished yet. In this article, we will talk about the reasons why they managed to remain popular even now.

Arcade games offer prizes

Playing an ordinary game on a console does not reward you with a prize. Sometimes playing arcade games and winning them could result in winning the prizes and at the same time, you get pleasure from playing games. It also gives additional motivation to a player.

Arcade machines still grab the attention of youngsters

We mentioned consoles and how their emergence turned the whole gaming industry upside down. But interestingly, arcade machines are still used by gamers. And the question is clear – why do people still go to physical locations while they can play from home? We can draw a parallel with people who prefer going to real casinos rather than to play live online casino games from home. Casinos also design their own arcade machines to provide more fun and entertainment to the players. With them, casinos try to create sounds of the reels spinning, or pulling of the lever to be more realistic. In both cases, the answer could be discovered in the “effect of actual experience”. Indeed the development of consoles and the Internet did a massive job simplifying the process of gaming, but going to the actual venues is a lot more fun when you can feel everything directly.

Arcade games are less violent

Nowadays, children are growing up on games such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Halo. Even though these games managed to become very popular and receive acclaims from experts, they include blood, gore and violence. Some of the kids eventually started to behave violently, and video games impacted them negatively.

In contrast, arcade games are at no point violent. People play them to enjoy, get some pleasure and simply relax. So restraining oneself from violence is another big factor for choosing arcade machines over consoles.

Graphics are better

Arcade games are huge machines that are designed specifically for a particular game, and they have very strong hardware. Because of that, graphics are also better. Consoles are devices that are created to launch every game regardless of the genre. Pick up shooter, adventure, simulator, sports – they will launch everything. Textures and visual details in the past decade have improved significantly for consoles as well, but they still have a long way to go to arcade machines. But some people think otherwise, and it is a moment of personal preference.

The “coin” effect

Majority of players find it funny and pleasurable to use special coins in order to access arcade games. A very simple thing that should not be too exciting, but to our amazement, most people see it as an advantage over console games.


We have all played arcade games once in our lives. We have also played console games and can notice the big difference between them. Arcade games “force” you to leave home, hang out with friends and communicate. Console games only leave you with the opportunity to interact with TV and only use a microphone and camera. Playing video games can be very funny at a particular level, but sometimes people tend to cross the red line. This goes for arcade as well, but no matter how consoles develop in the future, the former will still maintain its popularity

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