Why now is the best time to jump into Diablo IV on Xbox Game Pass

Why now is the best time to jump into Diablo IV on Xbox Game Pass

Today, Diablo IV arrives on Xbox Game Pass. Now, more gamers everywhere can experience the award-winning eternal battle between Heaven and Hell. With humans stuck in the middle of these treacherous forces, players can choose to start with a gripping campaign or jump right into the Season of the Construct to uncover a new threat lurking below the sands of Kehjistan. But if you’re new to the world of Sanctuary, why is now the best time to embark on your journey, and how should you get started? Diablo’s Associate Game Director, Joe Piepiora, and Lead Class Designer, Adam Jackson, share their insights into the dark and treacherous world of Diablo IV and how to get started in this epic tale of angels, demons, and powers no mortal should be able to wield.

What is Diablo IV all about?

Diablo IV is set in the world of Sanctuary, created by the demonic Lilith, daughter of Hatred and Inarius, her nemesis and forbidden angelic lover. Intended as an idyllic refuge to escape the ceaseless strife between Heaven and Hell, it has now become another battleground. Despite the harsh environment, humans have found a way to live and thrive while being caught between two forces as they battle to acquire the Worldstone, an indescribably potent artifact that can shape the future of Sanctuary.

Joe Piepiora explains, “Humans are the underdog. As the wanderer, you help the people of Sanctuary while becoming epically powerful to stop the demons led by Lilith. It’s that ultimate power fantasy feeling, which is core to the Diablo franchise. Across all player classes, you acquire and evolve your devastating abilities and collect legendary weapons.”

Adam Jackson has a far more simple and metal way to describe the ethos that drives Diablo IV: “Kill monsters, get loot.”

The perfect entry point for new players

As with many big franchises, there’s a lot of history behind Diablo IV. But while existing fans can enjoy the continued story, none of this knowledge is required to become the newest hero in Diablo IV.

“This is a really great point in Diablo to launch a new epic tale inside the world of Sanctuary,” says Piepiora. “The armies of hell have been at bay for a while, and the new threat in the form of Lilith is beginning to creep across Sanctuary. The player, as the wanderer, will start to understand the various characters’ motivations as they progress through the Campaign and know them more. They’ll discover humanity’s place within this overall struggle and what the wanderer can do in response to these situations.”

Taking those first few steps into Sanctuary

It can sometimes feel like a big undertaking when launching into a new game. But Diablo IV is designed to make it easy for players to experiment and put things to the test early, without too much risk attached – perfect for learning about your powers!

“The Campaign is fantastic!” Jackson promises. “Just sit back, enjoy it, and soak it in. It’s hard to make any grievous mistakes early in the game, so my advice for new players is to experiment a lot. Every class has many different builds and sub-builds you can create; there’s a lot of depth to explore.”

“This way, you can find some cool legendary powers and keywords that are really awesome to you. For example, if you’re a Barbarian, do you want to be bleeding enemies or berserking them? There are a lot of things to try. So don’t stress out too much when you’re initially starting out.”

Embark on your journey solo or with friends

There is plenty to explore in the shared world of Sanctuary for both solo and group players. From slaughtering evil to conquering the nightmarish dungeons and mastering new abilities, Diablo IV enables you to play a game built for your gaming style.

Story content offers a great option for those looking to play solo. “I really want to pay attention to the characters and the details in story mode, soaking in the atmosphere and getting into the world,” says Jackson. “With solo, you can take your time with no pressure from others wanting to get ahead. But the group option is fantastic, too. Combining your skills and abilities with your friends is a really fun experience and you can put more focus on the systems. Both styles definitely have something to offer.”

A class for every player

Diablo classes are designed with approachability in mind rather than simply focusing on easy or hard. This direction empowers players to choose a class that fits their playstyle, and they can design their character to match. The builds in each class are then geared towards harder or easier options.

“A great class to start with, that’s really approachable, would be the sorcerer,” explains Jackson. “You’ve got a lot of different playstyles there; you can be melee or ranged. To build your character, you pick an element, find the cool things within that element and have a good time. There are mobility skills like teleport, or you can stay safe with the fire shield; so you’ve got something to handle everything.

“For players who are more advanced and like a playstyle with dexterity, the rogue is up there. The rogue is very flashy with a lot of mobility options, meaning you have a lot of set-up and payoff-style abilities to try.”

A game made by fans who listen to the fans

Since its launch, the Diablo IV developers have been consistently making improvements based on the responses and feedback from fans. Its arrival on Xbox Game Pass marks a pivotal moment, bringing back players who explored Sanctuary from day one, through to new players yearning for a thrilling adventure.

Jackson shares, “I love the idea of bringing more people into the Diablo world. We want to refine Diablo IV into the best role-playing game out there. We take a lot of insight from what motivates people – we read forums, scroll through social media, and are always playing the game ourselves. Regardless of your entry point into the franchise, we want to make Diablo IV inclusive to all players.”

So with the threat from the mother of Sanctuary creeping across the land, are you ready to join the battle against evil? Choose your class and summon your courage as you embark on a legendary loot-filled adventure with Diablo IV. Available now on Xbox Game Pass (28th March). Also available on PlayStation, Battle.net and Steam.

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