Why You Need to Try a 3D Controller Board Out

Why You Need to Try a 3D Controller Board Out

Technology never ceases to fascinate with how it keeps finding new ways to make our lives easier. A prime example of that is 3D printers, which are by far one of the most incredible inventions of the past few decades and one that will play a far more important role in the future. While the uses of 3D printers are somewhat limited now, the technology is already playing a role in essential fields like medicine, manufacturing a variety of devices and patient-specific products such as prosthetic limbs. If you are considering assembling your own 3D printer, then you need to try out a controller board first. Here’s why. 

What Is a 3D Controller Board? 

In simple terms, the 3D controller board is the brains of a 3D printer. It is the circuit board that handles all the logic functions and powers the device. The processing power of the controller board makes a world of difference in the capabilities of your 3D printer and how detailed it will come out. To define this item differently, the controller board is responsible for receiving data from the printer’s sensors and running them through the coded algorithms so you could get the final product. Over the years, controller boards have evolved to make room for newer features like adding more complex algorithms, Wi-Fi access, and shortening the response time. 

For those reasons, if you are going to make a 3D printer, then you have to try out different controller boards first. As we just mentioned, this board controls the most major functions of the device, and it will determine the kind of products that will come out of the printer. 

Variety of Options 

The problem with trying out a 3D controller board is the fact that there are just too many models out there to choose from. Despite the availability of fully assembled 3D printers in the market, controller boards are still very much in demand for those who want to assemble the machine. As you can see on www.io3dprint.com, there are plenty of different models in the market for you to choose from. You need to check reviews about the types of controller boards and see which one would work best for what you have in mind. You need a 3D controller board with the right specs, and you shouldn’t rush this decision. 

What to Look for

Processing Abilities

The first thing to look for in a 3D controller board is the processor power. While the older 3D printer models often had 8-bit boards, now, you can find 32-bit controller boards that are much more sophisticated and faster. The purpose of a 32-bit board is to process more calculations per minute compared to its predecessor. As a result, the printing time for each item is reduced, which means that production lines can become much more efficient and quicker to deliver. So, if you are going to build your own 3D printer, then you most likely should go for the 32-bit controller board because theoretically, it is a more reliable one. 


The average controller board comes with a built-in firmware, and you have to check if this firmware is compatible with your 3D printer and the other components. If it isn’t, then you would not be able to use that controller board and you might have to find another. In the controller boards market, some models are specifically designed for certain 3D printer models, while more generic boards can be used with a bigger pool of 3D printers. Don’t go shopping for boards that are compatible with everything, though, because they might not work best with your printer. In short, determine what kind of build you want, and then start searching for a compatible board. 

Stepper Driver 

This is the circuit that is responsible for controlling the operation of stepper motors, which happens when controlled pulses are sent to the motor to run in the required increments. The stepper motor after that controls more precise movements in your printer that can be very complex, which is why stepper motors often heat up and wear down faster than other parts. This motor is either built-in the controller board or you will assemble it. Both options have pros and cons, and you should get one that works best with your printer. 

Other angles you might want to consider include the ease of communication with the board, whether it is wireless or wired. You should take your time assembling or purchasing your controller board. Its performance will dictate the performance of the 3D printer. So, try the controller board out and see if it will work with the printer. If it does, then you can start making your 3D printer and get to work. 

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