WildStar free to play update

WildStar free to play update

After NCSOFT and Carbine Studios announced that WildStar would become a free to play game, they have now released new details about the future of the game. First of all, Carbine and NCSOFT have confirmed that WildStar will also become available in China later this year! But now, let’s see what the biggest update yet is all about.

Besides simply going free to play, the developers are also preparing a major game update filled with new features and improvements. It will make the life of existing players better and make it fun for new ones. The first big feature is the Rewards System. This system will give players unique in game rewards by buying or spending NCoins. With these NCoins, you can purchase a Signature plan or C.R.E.D.D. Players who have already invested in the game will of course earn extra rewards!

WildStar players will also experience improvements all-round to the game. New players will be greeted by an updated tutorial, while advanced players can skip this all together. Item and stat systems will also be reworked to make them more intuitive for new players and make them more customizable for advanced players. This will be achieved by removing the current primary stats and replace them by new primary stats: assault power, support power, health and armor. Secondary stats will be expanded and improved as well.

Besides quality of life improvements, 2 new zones will also be added: Alpha Sanctum and the Cryo-Plex PvP arena. Alpha Sanctum will go deeper into the story while Cryo-Plex features cold, hard PvP.

For the full details on the free to play update, check out the official news statement on their site. Additionally, you can check out some screenshots below!


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