Wildstar megaservers are coming next week

Wildstar megaservers are coming next week

The game Wildstar has been online for a while now, and it seems that the publishers are investing in megaservers. This will increase the player capacity and give you the chance to play with more people. This means that there might be players with duplicate names. Wildstar will give players the possibility to get a second name to fight off this problem.

The megaservers will be applied on the 15th of October. The game servers will be down for approximately 12 to 24 hours. To compensate this, everyone will receive one extra day of game time and 30 Boom Boxes.

Another aspect is the realm transfers. You can now freely change realms but this won’t be possible anymore when the megaservers are live. If you want to go to another realm, now is your chance.

If you want some extra information, you can always check a more in-depth explanation here.

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