Windfolk – Sky Is Just The Beginning released for PS4 & PS5


Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Fractal Fall were pleased to announce the release of Windfolk, a third-person aerial shooter. Developed under the wing of the PlayStation Talents initiative, the game is now available (for the time being) as a digital copy for the PS4 & PS5 in the PlayStation Store for 14,99€ / 14.99$.

Awarded in the category ‘Best Use of PlayStation Platforms’ at the 4th PlayStation Talents Awards. The game combines stunning visuals in six degrees of freedom to roam around a picturesque world full of floating islands where out-positioning your foes is key for sealing the victory.

The story wraps around a current war in the world of Eurian, where two factions the Coalition and the Resistance are entangled in conflict about a certain mineral called the ‘trydian’; a mineral that keeps its inhabitants flying. The player will be in the shoes of Esen, a victim of a Coalition experiment and now a soldier of the Resistance. Her goal is to seek revenge and put an end to the Coalition and their abuse of power over the ‘trydian’.

Key Features:

  • Fly in a free-roam environment around the world of Eurian in combat mode or speed up to be as fast as possible in turbo mode once you finish the main story arc.
  • Outmaneuver your enemies to flank in hectic combats that will challenge you in every aspect of the word.
  • Explore Eurian and its wondrous environments, from a scorching desert to a tropical seaside.
  • Combine different weapons and skills to create your own unique play style.
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