Winter Wonderland 2020 live in Overwatch

Winter Wonderland 2020 live in Overwatch

As of today, you can join the festivities in Overwatch as Winter Wonderland 2020 has come to the game. This event is now live on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This event will be live from today until January 5.

Aside from Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt, and Snowball Deathmatch, players will now be able to experience the new brawl, called the 4v4 Freezethaw Elimination. In this new game mode, a whole team needs to be frozen in order for the other team to win. You become frozen when you normally would have died, giving other players the chance to revive their teammates by interacting with them and thawing them out of their frozen solid prison.

Next to the playable events, new weekly challenges have started. There will be three weeks full of challenges with each week having its own rewards. On top of this, new cosmetics have also been added to the game including five new legendary player skins, three epic skins, new player icons, and sprays. Below, you can watch the special Winter Wonderland 2020 video showcasing all the wondrous things this event will bring to Overwatch this year.

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