Wireless controller possibility for retro consoles

Wireless controller possibility for retro consoles

You all probably remember the time when the wires of the controller were mingled. It was quite a slump to get everything disentangled again and took some time of your precious gaming moments. Today, FunstockRetro has a new device in stock that will solve all these problems. The 8BitDo Retro Receiver is a small Bluetooth Dongle that you can connect to the Retron 5 and NES, making it possible to use modern controllers wirelessly. Even more, this small plug is also usable on PC, Mac and PS3.

These are some key features:

  • Small Compact design that connects directly into the NES controller port
  • Compatible with PC, MAC and PS3 Devices via USB input
  • One device can support up to four controllers
  • Built-in CPU with Flash Memory Chip and Upgradable Firmware
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Class 2 with 2.402Ghz-2.48Ghz Frequency Range
  • Powers directly from the NES controller port or USB port

If you want to order one, visit¬†FunstockRetro’s page!

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