Witte Klauw #3 De Weg van de Sabel – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Western
Written by: Serge Le Tendre, Oliver TaDuc
Illustrations: Oliver TaDuc
Coloring: Jean Bastide
Publisher: Dargaud

Witte Klauw #3 De Weg van de Sabel – Comic Book Review

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Good: Authentic 'Japanes' atmosphere, Story
Bad: A bit cliché at times
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Throughout history it was quite common that war was only waged by men, and women had to stay at home, watch the children and hope they would ever see their beloved husband come home again. It was pretty much not done to let a woman fight in a battle, even if she did it out of free will, as they were considered weak and lesser beings, incapable of accomplishing great feats in battle. Witte Klauw (White Claw) proudly breaks this narrow point of view, by stepping out of the bounds of the tradition of her people, a tribe that lives amongst the phoenixes. In this last album of the trilogy, we’ll see if she goes down in history as one of the greatest female warriors of her time.


It’s the year 778 in the era of the scorpion, and things are not looking all too well for the world. With the army of Suo-de-Rode always marching closer and closer, hoping to plunge the world in a state of total chaos, it’s up to Witte Klauw to prevent this evil tyrant to succeed in his onset. Nonetheless, even though it would have been nice to settle everything with only a limited amount of bloodshed, a big battle is bound to happen, where good clashes against the waves of the evil army and this will immediately gut both forces. Whilst this battle was unavoidable, it is stopped rather abruptly due to the interference of the sky crystals, which normally hang silently in the sky due to gravitational forces, but now come tumbling down in the midst of the battle. For some reason it seems that the ‘gods’ intervened making the sea of blood even redder.

This can only mean one thing, namely that this war has to be settled in another way, by heading directly in the lair of the evildoers, on a mission that might cost one’s life. Witte Klauw volunteers, as she also has some other family matters to tend to on this arduous trip.

This last volume of the saga is rather action packed, with snippets of information being tossed around in order to comprehend what is going on. The short, but well placed flashbacks of Witte Klauw’s younger years break the pace and add a welcome change of pace.

Even though the plot in this album isn’t the thickest of the series, it’s still a well written story by Serge Le Tendre and Olivier TaDuc, even with certain very typical cliché moments woven in the original universe of Witte Klauw.

Illustrations by Oliver TaDuc are quite detailed and appealing and the somewhat older traditional ‘Japanese’ look makes everything feel older, which suits the atmosphere perfectly. Jean Bastide followed up on that idea with his coloring, giving a slightly dated look to everything.


Witte Klauw #3 De Weg van de Sabel brings a turbulent series to its end, with a grand finale that still offers you a bit more information of Witte Klauw’s past and the reason she became such a grand warrior. If you’re into action series in an alternate universe, with a small subtle wink to older Japanese tales, this one might be worth sinking your claws into.

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Witte Klauw #3 De Weg van de Sabel - Comic Book Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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