Wolverine #005 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Paul Cornell
Illustrations: Alan Davis, Ryan Stegman, Mark Farmer, Mark Morales
Coloring: David Curiel, Lee Loughridge
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Wolverine #005 – Comic Book Review

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Bad: Unclear what is properly going on
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When the virus that originated from the Microverse took away Wolverine’s regenerative powers, he became a ‘mere’ mortal just like the rest of us, albeit with adamantium in his body, and claws that could rip you in half without him even breaking a sweat. Nonetheless, he would now start aging like a normal human being, and when wounded, he can’t count on super fact healing powers anymore. Whilst knowing all of this, he still sets out to face his biggest foes without any proper assistance, safe for Kitty Pryde. It seems like this sometimes brutal hero still wants to make a point, albeit a flawed one.

Wolverine #005 Cover

Wolverine was biting the dust last time, when he was being overpowered by Mystique and of course, his arch nemesis, Sabretooth. Sabretooth is nearly the same as Wolverine, albeit with subtle differences, but they have been at each other’s throats for decades, if not longer, simply to prove that Logan doesn’t need him, yet Sabretooth wants to show that they are both the same. After showing how powerless Logan has become, Sabretooth scurries off to leave Wolverine alone with his thoughts.

With the virus seemingly gone, and the conflict with Sabretooth still fresh in Logan’s mind, he is already looking for ways to find his enemy, albeit by working for shady figures, as somewhat of a mercenary. Nonetheless, he still needs additional information, and thus he has to soldier on.

Overall the story of the previous arc was rather simple to understand, the new arc that begins halfway this bundle is fairly complicated and unclear. You’re constantly switching back and forth between different time periods, which even though they may be close to one another, they do make the first half of this newly introduced storyline rather confusing. Nonetheless, the action is on point, and we hope the veil is lifted soon. Paul Cornell keeps things interesting, but a bit more information would have been much appreciated.

Just like the previous issues, Wolverine keeps its rather gritty, yet satisfying illustration style intact. While there is a hefty amount of detail, the ruggedness is what it’s all about, simply because it suits Logan’s personality perfectly. While there is a shift of artwork between the first issue in this bundle, and the last two, the crude theme that lies underneath remains practically the same. The coloring goes from a rather bland choice of colors, to a glossy, yet darker palette.


Wolverine #005 is a decent start of a new arc, even though it’s quite hard to follow at the moment. Nonetheless, we’re sure it’s building up to something decent, especially with all the action and fighting going on. This is one of those ‘stay tuned’ scenarios, where you’ll hopefully get a lot more extra information soon.

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Wolverine #005 – Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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