World Cubed is on its way

World Cubed is on its way

Single-handedly being created by 19 year-old Computer Science student Eduardo Hoefel, World Cubed certainly appears to be an intriguing concept.

The game itself is a roguelike RPG based upon a randomised, cube-shaped planet. With plenty of places to explore, such as cities, dungeons and biomes, you can play as 10 unlockable classes to find your way into the very bowels of the planet to stop the source of the monsters coming for you. To add to the fun, each of the 6 faces of the planet has its own environment with varying gravity, geography, fauna and flora, and you can move between these faces by crossing the borders. But beware- the deeper you go into the planet, the harder the monsters you face.

World Cubed classes

The title has been in development since September 2014, and currently the developer is looking for donations to fund a Steam Greenlight launch in the near future. So if you would like to see World Cubed as a fully-fledged game (and to find out more about his project), click the link to his Indiegogo page here:

And to get an idea of what the game might be like, check out the gameplay video here:

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