World of Final Fantasy announced

World of Final Fantasy announced

SQUARE ENIX has announced World of Final Fantasy, a title that will be expanding the Final Fantasy-universe for a future generation of gamers. Players collect, keep and mobilize several monsters originating out of several legends from Final Fantasy. World of Final Fantasy will be released in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

World of Final Fantasy combines classic RPG-mechanics with fresh and toy like graphics. Because this is a brand new title in the Final Fantasy-franchise, fans and newcomers to the Final Fantasy-universe can play it to their hearts content. Players will be leading a twin through several Final Fantasy-worlds and during those travels will encounter well-known monsters. Catch and keep monsters like the Cactuar, Chocobo and Behemoth to discover alternative forms and learn new abilities.

One of the key functions of the game is the possibility to “stack”. The twins are able to change the size of themselves and monsters. Meaning that they will be able to become so small so that they can jump onto monsters, or the other way around, making the monsters small enough so that the twins can ride them. By “stacking” their army of monsters, players can make strategic tower combinations and take on challenging monsters.


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