WORLD OF HORROR Haunts Halloween 2020 with Terrifying New Content

WORLD OF HORROR Haunts Halloween 2020 with Terrifying New Content

New Endings, Seasonal Outfits Out Now in Steam Early Access and a 13% discount during the Steam Halloween Sale 2020 (Oct. 29 – Nov. 2)

The Old Gods have risen, creeping in from another dimension while eldritch horrors begin their invasion of a quiet, seaside Japanese town. Uncover the truth across 11 mysteries plagued with randomly generated encounters. Fight through intense turn-based combat with creatures that defy belief. Practice dark rituals, scavenge for makeshift weapons, and fight to keep your health and sanity intact.

WORLD OF HORROR, the unnerving cosmic horror retro RPG from developer Panstasz and publisher Ysbryd Games, releases new content today to celebrate Halloween on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Pass for PC (Game Preview).

Today’s update brings new twists to WORLD OF HORROR’s devilish mysteries alongside other improvements:

  • New Outfits for Playable Characters
  • New Endings to all available mysteries
  • Bug Fixes
  • Balancing Fixes

WORLD OF HORROR will spread its roguelite nightmares in its full horrifying release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Steam for PC and Mac OS X in 2021.

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