World of Warcraft: Legion – Review
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World of Warcraft: Legion – Review

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Blizzard is renowned for its games and especially for the never-ending game World of Warcraft. Lots of players have already enlisted for this MMORPG and recently, they released a new expansion to give the story a new twist. If that isn’t enough, there are quite some new features that will get your WoW-vibes running (again). In Legion, you’ll be facing the wrath of an old enemy, so get ready for some fierce battles.

World of Warcraft: Legion


The next expansion brings quite a new story in the world of Azeroth, as the Burning Legion is at our doorsteps and banging on our doors. These monsters wants to call their fallen leader Sargeras and bring back the old demolishing fest. When entering this new expansion, you’ll first have some encounters with these new enemies, depending on the faction and class you’ve chosen (Demon Hunters get to see a different side of the medal). It seems that the Burning Legion’s efforts are starting to pay off, as it is getting harder and harder to repel their relentless assaults. Even the Wardens have released the Illidari, followers of the defeated Illidan Stormrage, as they’ve always battled against this opponent. With their expertise and battle skills, both the Alliance as the Horde hope to be able to defeat their mutual opponent.

With this new expansion, you’ll be venturing on the Broken Isles, an island where you need to find fragments of the Pillars of Creation and other portals and trouble that has risen when the Burning Legion started their attack. If you’re into questing, you’ll surely like the new quests lines that have been added. Meeting old allies, saving new friends and slaying Legion scum is certainly something that will happen more than once. Get ready to get immersed into quite a profound storyline, with both sad and happy moments.

World of Warcraft: Legion


World of Warcraft itself is already more than 10 years old, so it’s natural that the graphics aren’t the best you can expect although Blizzard tries to upgrade and brush up their images. This can also be seen when starting the new expansion as the facial characteristics are smoother and integrated in the complete character, while the movements on themselves feel less stiff. The environments certainly didn’t lose their Warcraft-like feeling and might even take you on a trip down memory lane as a lot of the areas feel like the older regions, which is a good way to increase the affinity to the characters and the story.

On another note, the Demon Hunter class brings some new characteristics to the game that probably will be appealing to a lot of people. Next to the several types of horns, you can also choose the marks on the body and their fluoresce color. Also, the eyes of the hunters have a rather unique feature, making it possible to choose the type of mask you wish to wear, if you even want one.

World of Warcraft: Legion


The undiscovered Isles pack some brand new tracks, which will certainly help you immerse in that specific area. In this expansion, it seems like Blizzard wanted to tug your heartstrings, as the pmusic is more classical and packs so many emotions. Don’t worry though, as there are darker tracks as well, which fits the Burning Legion perfectly.

Also, they didn’t forget to bring some voice acting, as both the cutscenes as some more important conversations are guided by some voices, which certainly helps to get your attention back fully to the game. Sound effects are back as well, making it more fun when you crush an enemy or bury your warglaives into an unknowing prey.

World of Warcraft: Legion


With a new expansion comes brand new shiny features, making the game that more appealing yet again. There are a lot of new elements, but we’re going to give a small overview of the biggest or most noticeable changes.

First of all, the level cap has been increased to a whopping level 110. Before you’re able to start the new adventure, you’ll need a character that is at least level 100. This also counts if you want to make a Demon Hunter. Since this is a ‘Hero’ class, you can only make one on each server, if you have another appropriate levelled character available. This new class also follows a different quest line then the Alliance or Horde, so keep this in mind. It could be that all your character slots are used, so Blizzard added a 12th spot per realm, making it possible to add just that extra toon. If you’re returning or continuing one of your old characters, it might be a good idea to check the patch notes, as there are quite some changes per class.

Demon Hunters are born trackers and are specialised in close-ranged combat with the newly added warglaives. Don’t worry though, as they’re also masters of getting in and out of battle when needed while their demonic powers can give them a big advantage.  Due to these possibilities, this class can be both tank as dps.

World of Warcraft: Legion

As stated in the story, you’ll be wandering on the wondrous world of the Broken Isles. Both new dungeons and raids are spread across the lands, which hold some of the end quests for the area and giving you access to necessary items to proceed the story.  There are also quite some rare monsters that give some nice goodies, especially for the Order Halls and Artifacts.

Order Halls are a new feature in Legion, as these are class-specific and give you the opportunity to find a safe spot during these harsh times. Both factions will gather at the same area, but don’t worry to get shanked while getting your business in order as these halls are sanctuaries. Each hall has some class-specific missions which your followers can complete like gathering order resources and other goodies. These resources can be used to train troops as extra fighting units during missions, or to upgrade your keep. This area will also have a dedicated spot to tinker on your Artifact. Each specialization has one and these legendary weapons are one of the key elements to defeat the Legion. These Artifacts can be altered and upgraded with Relics which unlock some ranks of possible traits. If you want to learn a new spell or skill, you’ll need to collect Artifact Power, which can be gathered from rare mobs or quests as they give consumable items that increase this experience.  It would be quite boring if everyone would have the same visualisation of their Artifact, so Blizzard added the possibility to change this. Hello customization!

World of Warcraft: Legion

Some of the older features have been tweaked as well. Professions aren’t level-bound anymore, but a higher level gives you more raw materials when skinning or gathering herbs or mines . Crafting professions on the other hand is different as well, as it takes less materials to make items when you make them more frequently, as they rank up. One other change is the transmogrification system. Before, you needed to collect and save the armor you wanted to transmog, while there is a ‘library’ now that can be enlarged when you find a new item. If you want to get new visuals, you must visit a Transmogger and select what you want (for a small fee of course). Next to the PvE changes, PvP has had some alterations as well. The Honor and Conquest currency  has been deleted and Honor Points now increase your Honor Level.  There are 50 levels and reaching this milestone will grant you  a Prestige level.  This can be repeated and Honor Levels will unlock special PvP talents.


With the Burning Legion back in the game, World of Warcraft is ready for the latest expansion. Get ready to battle loads of tainted enemies, while desperately trying to save the world. If the fighting gets a bit too much, you can always return to your Order Hall and get some rest or change your Artifact. Even the players that like the game more for PvP are in for some treats, as the system has been changed. In the end, there are quite some features that will get you interested, for instance the new Demon Hunter class. So fill your lungs and let that battle shout reverberate through the room: FOR THE ALLIANCE/HORDE!

World of Warcraft: Legion

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World of Warcraft: Legion - Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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