World Rally Championship 7 – Out next week!

World Rally Championship 7 – Out next week!

Releasing on September 15th, Bigben and Kylotonn are preparing to launch the seventh installment of their world rally championship series. Having sold more than a million copies over the last few years, they promise even more realistic and extreme racing environments. Taking all experience they gained from their previous games, they worked hard to make this the newest game the biggest and best in the series.

WRC7 offers racing game fans an expansive, multi-faceted, and intense racing experience in 13 even prettier, true to life environments. The vehicles have also had a lot of work done, with more powerful, aerodynamic cars than ever before with aggressive paint-jobs to make the cars look even more impressive. New features include:


  • New, official cars by Citro├źn, Ford, Hyundai and Toyota, with a total of 55 crews
  • An all-new physics engine developed in conjunction with WRC drivers and car manufacturers
  • More than 60 special stages in 13 rally’s and 13 Epic stages that last more than 15 minutes each to test players in all their skills
  • Completely new level designs, and more realistic roads
  • Split-screen multiplayer for amazing head-to-head races with friends
  • Weekly challenges that rival the eSports mode to keep the community active and engaged.

Play on 13 rally’s spread over 15 countries and 4 continents. Players can play as their favorite drivers and test their skills on tough and technical tracks. Mud, snow, gravel, and asphalt. Each track is a unique challenge that brings even smaller, more dangerous and realistic roads. challenge your friends and yourself, with World Rally Championships 7 out next week!

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