World’s Fastest Pizza – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Indie, Comedy, Arcade
Developer: Oscar Brittain
Publisher: Oscar Brittain
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

World’s Fastest Pizza – Review

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Good: Great humor in a fast paced game. Fantastic titles combined as one. Fun at a low price.
Bad: The game doesn't really has a story
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Being a pizza delivery guy is a well known first job in some countries.  It’s stressful but it can give you real driving and working experience along the way. In the past various “job related games” have come on the market, look at Paperboy for example: it was one of the most popular games back in the day. Now World’s Fastest Pizza will try to make you (as the title implies) the world’s fastest pizza delivery guy. If you think that’s easy, then just wait because we’re in Australia mate! 



Decoding the original story is a game on its own. Written in true “leetspeak” or internet gibberish the intro tells us about a person named tortoiseman. From the planet of Tortopia he was sent by his father: king jDilla, when a terrorist attack happened. The spaceship crashed on earth, giving tortoiseman superpowers. When this happened he decided to get a job at World’s Fastest Pizza to rebuild his space ship and go home. It would have been fun to have a bit more story value but given the topic of the game, it still stands rather decently on its own.


Graphically, World’s Fastest Pizza isn’t much to write home about. A simple yet retro-like pixilated environment from a top down perspective is what drives this game. Of course retro doesn’t always mean lazy as the level designs are far-out unique and range from simple houses and towns to caves, secret bases, hyper modern futuristic Tron like buildings and the desert land of the Australian outback. The developer made his best effort on putting in many little details: starting with accurate destruction to blood trails and visible upgrades



When it comes to the sound of the game, things stay rather low key.  The catchy pop intro tune only plays when booting the game, and will linger in your mind for days to come. Random stages do come with a more faster paced retro techno like music, this is stage and action depende This will mean that some levels are more peaceful while action packed ones are fast paced and upswept.


World’s Fastest Pizza is a fast paced adventure game that has some interesting content. Gamers will easily recognize various elements from the old GTA games and Hotline Miami. Unlike the mentioned titles, you won’t be shooting stuff, instead you will be the walking target that will get shot at. Delivering the pizza as fast as possible  means more cash at your disposal which will allow you to unlock parts for the spaceship. To acquire said parts, you will need to work hard by delivering pizzas. Now as violent as the community may seem, this also brings a bit of luck your way. Angry citizens like nothing more than to hamper your movements every chance they have. It will come as no surprise when they start shooting at you with their trusty handguns or even rocket launchers. If you’re lucky they will shoot other people instead of you and if you’re feeling grabby, you can loot the money they drop. Nonetheless, sometimes it might be better to just run for your life.


Upon unlocking the first part, a new little shop, that sells mysterious goods, opens right next to the pizza parlor. From upgraded movement speed to more health or decoys, all can be found here a price. A cheap mystery box will sample out upgrades for all your needs but be careful since also a few joker items are present. Thinking “oh well, dodging bullets and rockets isn’t so hard” try doing it when also weaving through traffic, running away from ferocious animals and last but not least: Dough. Dough is that neighborhood bully that takes away your lunch money, he is ultra fast and not scared of getting shot up. It will become a challenge to dodge this jerk.

Controlling the game is really easy: either with a controller or your keyboard you control tortoiseman. The only buttons you will need are the directional controls and the B button if you use a controller. On a keyboard this means using the arrow keys / WASD and escape. When gaining control of the game, two game modes are selectable: Story mode (which takes you around 10 minutes to complete front to back) and free mode. Free mode is exactly the same as story but without the little story behind it.  Overall the game proves to be very thin content-wise, but various different levels and mini bosses keep the replay value high and thus add a bit of extra gameplay.




World’s Fastest Pizza is a Low priced fun and fast indie game. Snack-sized gameplay filled with trolls, puns and hashtags giving the industry a whole new spin on games. The catchy intro tune keeps playing in your head and secretly you want more. Quick gameplay elements have a certain replay value and the setting of a retro top down title just gives it that nostalgia feel.


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World's Fastest Pizza - Review, 5.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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