Woven – A wool adventure coming soon!

Woven – A wool adventure coming soon!

The cute wool adventure Woven is releasing soon!

In Woven you will take on the role of a robotic Firefly named Glitch who partners up with an elephant called Stuffy. The setting is a woolen world where stuffed animals once lived in peace.  It seems there is some suspicious metal appearing all over the peaceful world.

“To know that Woven will soon be springing to life on everyone’s screen is very exciting. The team and I have worked for years to create something unique, yet appealing, that invites players to explore and question the world we’ve created. It is an incredible milestone on our studio’s journey to create more colorful and engaging games”. – Vincent da Silva Creative Director

Discover the fluffy world and find out where Glitch originated from together with Stuffy. Let the grumpy storyteller guide you through your adventure which will be filled with puzzles and challenges. You’ll have to customize Stuffy by changing his body parts in order to solve some puzzles. A casual but still epic story that everyone can play at their own pace.

Get in touch with your child self in Woven when it releases the 15th of November on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, and Linux.


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The one and only slowqueen! -student multimedia-

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