WoW Classic Argent Tournament Guide

WoW Classic Argent Tournament Guide

The Argent Tournament is a player’s treasure trove for dailies.

The expansion feature for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Argent Tournament, has finally arrived in Northrend. And you know what that means—more content, including non-combat pets, new gear, and a plethora of daily quests to grind for WoTLK Classic gold. The Argent Tournament Grounds can be located in the northern part of Icecrown. You’ve come to the right place if you’re itching to participate in multiple mini-games and quests to earn currency and reputation. What makes this feature special is that, unlike other dailies, the Argent Tournament dailies lets you gain unique kinds of currency and rise through the ranks of the tournament.

That said, if you’re having difficulty navigating through all of the daily quests available in the Argent Tournament, we’ve got your back.

How to Start the Argent Tournament

To begin your adventures, you must go to the Argent Pavillion—a sanctuary where you can speak with Justicar Mariel Trueheart. The Argent  Pavillion is located west of the Horde Pavillion. This is where you can also find Crusader Rydalla, who you might know as the source of the Black Knight WoTLK items and quests.

Introductory Daily Quests

Let’s start with some quests that introduce players to the ranking system of the tournament and jousting. As you move up in rank, these quests transform into daily quests; they’re essentially the same for the Alliance and Horde, but they’re picked up at different locations. Alliance players go to the Silver Covenant Pavillion, where they can find Arcanist Taelis. Horde players can go to the Sunreaver’s Pavillion and talk to the Blood Elf NPCs.

  • Learning the Reigns

Learning the Reigns is an introductory quest that turns into three dailies. All the quests require you to have a lance and be mounted on a hawkstrider or charger.

  • Mastery of Melee: Use Thrust five times on a vulnerable melee target.
  • Mastery of the Charge: Use the Shield-Breaker ability twice on a vulnerable ranged target.
  • Mastery of the Shield Breaker: Use the Shield-Breaker ability twice on a vulnerable shield target.

Aspirant Quest List

Once you’ve completed the “Learning the Reigns” quest, you can do dailies to obtain Aspirant’s Seals, and what better way to earn the currency than by doing Aspirant-based quests? These quests not only reward Aspirant’s Seals, but you can also gain reputation.

  • A Blade Fit For A Champion: Kiss the frogs from the shores of Ashwood Lake. Doing so will allow you to get the Ashwood Blade from the cursed maiden.
  • The Aspirant’s Challenge: Talk to Squire David. This will call the Argent Valient and you’ll be tasked to defeat them.
  • A Worthy Weapon: Go to a lake in the northern Crystalsong Forest to collect winter hyacinths, then offer them to the lonely maiden (Grizzly Hills) to get the Blade of Drak’Mar.
  • The Edge Of Winter: Find and defeat Lord Everblaze. Retrieve Winter’s Edge using the everburning ember he drops to free the frozen maiden (Howling Fjord).
  • Learning The Reins: Repeat the training quests (Mastery quests).
  • Training In The Field: Defeat 8 Icerown Scourge.
  • Up To The Challenge: Get the rank of Valiant by collecting 15 Aspirant’s Seals.

Valiant Quest List

Moving up to the Valiant rank opens up more dailies. Now you have to collect Valiant’s Seals, which are available from the representatives of your faction or race.

  • The Grand Melee: Accumulate three Marks of the Valiant.
  • A Valiant’s Field Training: Defeat 10 Converted Heroes in Icecrown.
  • At The Enemies’ Gates: Kill 15 Boneguard Footman, 15 Boneguard Scouts, and three Boneguard Lieutenants in Icecrown.

Finishing these quests will reward you with 25 Valiant’s Seals, enough to get you to the Champion rank. However, if you still want to complete more Valiant dailies, here are some repeatable quests:

  • The Valiant’s Charge: Accumulate 25 Valiant’s Seals to take on the Valiant’s Challenge.
  • The Valiant’s Challenge: Defeat the current Argent Champion.
  • A Champion Rises: Go to the Argent Tournament Pavillion to talk to Justicar Mariel Trueheart.

Champion Quest List

In the Champion rank, you’ll be collecting Champion’s Seals; this is the currency used to purchase items from vendors. The following quests will reward you with Champion’s Seals and reputation with the Silver Covenant or Sunreavers. You’ll also gain reputation with the Argent Crusade upon completion.

  • Among the Champions: Collect the four Marks of the Champion.
  • Battle Before The Citadel: Kill three Boneguard Protectors in Icecrown.
  • Taking Battle To The Enemy: Kill 15 members of the Cult of the Damned in Icecrown.
  • Threat From Above: Kill three Cultist Bombardiers and the Wrym Chillmaw in Icecrown.

Perks of Having Exalted Reputation

Once you’ve reached Exalted status with a friendly faction, you’ll unlock new daily quests. Hoarder players can do these quests by talking to Girana the Blooded and Tylos Dawnrunner, while Alliance players can interact with Narasi Snowdawn and Savinia Loresong.

  • A Leg Up: Recover the Stolen Tallstrider Legs by going to Hrothgar’s Landing.
  • Breakfast Of Champions: Go to the Foot Steppes of Storm Peaks to use the drum and awaken the deep jormungar worms. Take four of their egg sacs.
  • Gormok Wants His Snobolds: Capture four Snowblind Followers using the Weighted Net in Icecrown.
  • Rescue At Sea: Travel to The Firehawk ship, then kill three Kvaldir Harpooners and eight Kvaldir Berserkers.
  • Stop The Aggressors: Go to Hrothgar’s Landing and defeat 10 Kvaldir.
  • The Light’s Mercy: Use the Confessor’s Prayer Book on eight slain Tualiq Villagers in Hrothgar’s Landing.
  • What Do You Feed A Yeti, Anyway?: Go to the decks of the Silver Blade to get some fresh chum.
  • You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul: Liberate the four Captive Aspirants and Kul the Reckless in Deathspeaker’s Watch.
  • Contributin’ To The Cause: Donate gold once a day to improve your reputation at the Champilevel. This quest is repeatable.

Don’t Take the Argent Tournament Too Seriously

The most important thing to remember is that the Argent Tournament isn’t just for grinding—you can also have fun with it. Most dailies here involve battling opponents in an arena and jousting, making them quite different from the usual WoW dailies. Plus, you can earn rewards for your efforts, such as Wrath Classic gold and heirloom gear.

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