WRC 5 eSports tournament announced

WRC 5 eSports tournament announced

In our review for rally game WRC 5, we mentioned that publisher Bigben Interactive would be hosting eSports tournaments at some point in the future.

Today, the WRC 5 Team is ready to go into more detail. In cooperation with the world’s largest eSports company ESL, WRC 5 will feature a dedicated rally competition taking place at the same time as the actual WRC 2016. From January to October, players can compete to win the title.

While the actual competition takes place during special rally weekends, players can train as much as they want to, on the condition that they have purchased the championship DLC pack. This DLC will include new tracks, new customisation options, and will offer access to the championship itself.

The DLC is available now, and can be purchased as part of a season pass on PS4 and PC, or separately on those platforms or Xbox One.

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