WRC 5 ready for next generation consoles

WRC 5 ready for next generation consoles

Bigben Interactive, publisher of video games, and Kylotonn Games, a French race game developer, proudly present WRC 5, the official 2015 video game of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). The game will be released during the autumn of 2015 on last and next generation consoles and pc. 

The WRC-series will benefit from the use of new development tools and experienced European developers, who are working hard on new surprises for the fans of the game.

“We think it’s fantastic to be able to work on a game that is devoted to one of the most spectacular and challenging forms of motorsport.” as said by Diego Sartori, Creative Director at Kylotonn Games.

“Our team of race fanatics have been developing new technical tools to be able to provide a brand new and realistic rally simulator. Players and rally fans will discover the game with brand new stages, new playing modes and all official liveries of 2015.” Explains Alain Jarniou, Game Director at Kylotonn Games.

Bigben Interactive introduces Sébastien Chardonnet as one of the ambassadors of the game. Sébastien is the FIA WRC 3-Champion of 2013 who will be promoted in 2015 in Monte Carlo to the highest level possible in WRC.

“It’s fantastic to help Kylotonn with making the best WRC game ever. It’s interesting how my experience as a racer and a gamer are combined with their technical view to make the most realistic rally game.” Explains Chardonnet.

More information on the WRC games can be found here.

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