WRC Generations is released on the Switch

WRC Generations is released on the Switch

It is only days ago that we reviewed the PC version of WRC Generations and this game was again a masterpiece. To bring this gem to everyone, especially now with the holidays coming up, KT Racing has decided in cooperation with NACON to port the game over to the Switch. As a first, the game is released earlier physically than digitally, which will be available later in December.

The WRC series has been a highly renowned racing game over the last couple of years, with each game holding on to high-quality standards and adding new stuff along the way. This time around in WRC Generations we see some new updates regarding the career mode where you need to keep a close eye on the status of your vehicle and the addition of hybrid cars that have even more strategic gameplay elements. Now there is also a livery editor where you can go wild and create the car of your dreams, keep it professional or go all out in an artistic way. As the Switch has some different hardware specs the developers have also decided to give the Switch a different ranking system, so cross-platform will only be for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One & Series X/S and PC.

Key features include:

  • 22 countries and 750 KM of roads to explore
  • 50 teams to play as
  • 165 special stages to complete
  • 37 legendary vehicles including some bonus cars

We are also wrapping up the WRC contest to have a chance to win the game on PlayStation 5, so if you haven’t entered it then please click the link and we will have a review of the Switch version for you soon in the near future.


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