WWE 2K18 – Universe Mode

WWE 2K18 – Universe Mode

2K released more information about the WWE 2K18 Universe Mode today. In Universe Mode, the player chooses to either watch battles or join them. One of the biggest things in Universe Mode are the rivalries between Superstars. There is a whole updated system dedicated to rivalry. Players can cause rivalry to happen or just watch it unfold naturally. New to the rivalry system are the rivalry types. There is Potential Rivalry that grows more and more between Superstars with each promo, run-in, and match. This is shown by meters in the rivalries menu. Once a meter is full, the Potential Rivalry goes into a hiatus until the following show where it turns into an Active Rivalry.

Also, new this year are Power Rankings were each of your Superstars in your Universe are ranked by success. Low-powered Superstars are, thanks to ability boosts, able to climb to the top of the ranking and defend championship goal. Or the player can boost an already powerful Superstar into an unbeatable beast.

Some other features include:

  • An improved calendar
  • Goals for your Superstars
  • More match types

For more information read the full blog post here.

WWE 2K18 should be coming out the 17th of October 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows). The Nintendo Switch version is expected somewhere in Fall 2017.

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